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Aerated Wastewater Treatment

We design, install, service and repair. We are the industry leaders for all types of septic systems.

Commercial Aerated Wastewater Treatment

Corporate Septic Systems

Commercial septic system services are essential for the proper functioning of septic systems in businesses and other commercial properties.

Commercial septic system services include regular maintenance, repair, and inspection of the septic system components, such as the tank, pipes, and drain field. Proper maintenance of septic systems is important to prevent system failures, backups, and environmental damage caused by untreated wastewater.

Septic Systems NSW are capable of providing essential septic system maintenance and repairs as well as planning, installation and replacement of new and existing wastewater treatment systems.

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Work With Us


Each council has different requirements. Over the years we have built relationships with the councils which is a huge bonus when you are applying for your approval.

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Site Inspection

We provide a free site inspection where we meet with you on your site to discuss where your Aerated Wastewater System is best placed for yourself and the council.


We can do as much or like or as little as you need. From preparing plans, organising excavation, plumbing, electrician and quarterly maintenance or simply just supplying the tank.

Septic System NSW

Commercial Septic Systems

Septic Systems NSW are your local leaders in septic system supply, installation, repair and maintenance. We’re trusted professionals who have worked directly with local councils all across New South Wales for all types of plumbing work.

With the relationships we’ve built and the knowledge we have, you can be sure that your home wastewater management system is properly planned, built and installed without the fuss and hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As humans we produce waste that contains a bacteria called Anaerobic Bacteria. This causes odour and the Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) works by pumping air into the system. This is called Aerobic Bacteria which kills the Anearobic Bacteria.

The next process is chlorination. Chlorine tablets are placed in the system every 3 months. This purifies the water to class A quality. The water is then pumped to an irrigation field for disposal.

The price for a residential tank is the same for all properties. The difference in pricing is what irrigation is required and the freight cost to your location. Each council has different rules as to what irrigation is allowed and this is a major factor with the final price.

Let us help you with the whole process, so you can have peace of mind that the job will be done right and council will approve it.

Septic Systems NSW has the experience in installing commercial systems, no matter how large the project may be.

Call us to discuss your requirements.

It is a council requirement for all Aerated Wastewater Treatment System to be maintained on a quarterly basis. Septic Systems NSW will provide quality on time service. Our clients are provided with a report following the quarterly service.

Our technicians are guaranteed to provide a quality service with no short cuts taken.

When considering the location of the tank and irrigation field, it is important for Septic Systems NSW to meet you on site to discuss options.

Australian Standards have rules and regulations as to where tanks and irrigation fields can be placed. For instance, if you are planning on installing a swimming pool, it is important that the placement of the tank and irrigation is kept at a distance otherwise it could cost the client quite a bit of money to move it all. Septic Systems NSW will discuss all of these factors and more with you when we meet on site.

Septic Systems NSW provides this service free of charge.

Septic Systems NSW will prepare your Section 68 council application for FREE. The council application is a very important part of the process.

Septic Systems NSW has a close working relationship with councils and we know the rules and regulations for each council. Having the incorrect information can delay the approval of your application. We will make sure that the process will run as smoothly as possible.